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Your members are the most important part of your club.

It is integral to your success that you can provide them with a facility which they love. The most effective way of doing this is by listening to and engaging with them.

Built specifically for operators within the health and fitness industry, Insight NPS brings clarity to your club by giving you access to the voice of your members. Clear, specific, categorised feedback allows you to make decisions based on knowledge so you can deliver outstanding customer service.

Automated Member Journey

Insight NPS is a full feedback solution; from the automated collection of member opinions, to the resolution of issues and implementation of improvements. Close the loop with your members by not just listening to them but actively addressing their needs, increasing the number of promoters at your club.

Social Sharing

Seamlessly share the views of your raving fans with the world via social media and prompt them to do the same. Turn your happy members into club advocates! Research shows 83% of people trust recommendations from people they know and 66% trust opinions posted online by fellow consumers.

Text Analytics

Traditional surveys can require hours to analyse and generate real insight. Insight NPS allows you to easily identify the topics your members are talking about in just a few clicks. With this insight, you learn exactly what is important to your members and can adjust the member experience to match.
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