Putting Customer Experience at the heart of your business

EngageCEM is the next generation of customer experience management solutions for the health and fitness industry, designed to ensure that you are able to deliver excellent customer service across every area of your business.

As the leading providers of customer experience management software and solutions to the health and fitness industry, we believe that business success comes from creating raving fans and delighting customers – and this is what we help our own clients deliver to their members every day.

Insight NPS®

Discover what matters most to your members. Insight NPS brings clarity to your club by giving you access to the voice of your members. Clear, specific, categorised feedback allows you to make decisions based on knowledge so you can deliver outstanding customer service.

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The next generation of Customer Experience Management (CEM) software for the leisure industry. By implementing Interact, you can manage simple retention processes that are proven to keep your members attending, spending more and for longer, as well as referring their friends!

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Do you like the sound of an automated email and SMS system but already have an existing induction program that works for you? Digital enables you to take advantage of all of the functionality of Digital+ without the Commit2Success retention and referral program for new members. Developed with the marketer in mind, Digital comes packed with features to help you promote your services in a way that is as unique and innovative as your club is.

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Would you like to provide your members with your own branded mobile app but don’t know where to start or are worried about the development costs? Look no further than Mobile, TRP’s new fully functioning app available for one simple monthly license fee. Mobile provides a convenient yet powerful platform for your business to engage with your members, whether they are inside your facility, at home or anywhere else in the world!

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Nutrition Complete

Would you like to offer your members a comprehensive branded nutrition and meal planning service directly from your website? As the saying goes, “you are what you eat” and, with Nutrition Complete, your members can access an intelligent, user-friendly program to personalise an entire week’s healthy meal-plan, recipes and shopping list in less than 15 minutes. Designed specifically to help fill the void in nutritional advice on offer from many fitness operators, Nutrition Complete provides additional expertise and support for your members, as well as the opportunity to generate a new revenue stream for your business.

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Would you like an online group exercise management solution that replaces outdated and time consuming data collection and reporting processes? It is entirely web based so your information is available on demand and you will never require any in-house technical support or expertise. In addition, CLUBCOUNT is much more secure than transferring this business critical performance data into Excel files.

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TRP offer a range of training programmes, from soft skills training to ensure that your teams are delivering fantastic customer service to your members, through to strategic sessions to develop high level retention strategies.

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Whatever the size of your organisation or challenge, TRP can help!

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“TRP provide a range of key performance indicators and we can take very clear actions against each one. The team offer phenomenal support and coaching which ensures their technology is always advancing and there is always someone available to provide assistance with any retention related matters.” – David McLean, Edinburgh Leisure

“We believe TRP provides the means to help us undertake a measurable activity, the interaction, to help decrease attrition and improve retention.” – Scott Wildeman, World Health Calgary

Excellent software and we have still only really scratched the surface of how we use. From a Performance Management point of view, the training provided by the Retention Coaches has been second to none and this enabled all of our Gym Consultants to develop, stretch themselves and become better and more effective fitness professionals.
Are you interested in Membership Retention or are you Committed? When you’re interested you’ll talk/discuss membership retention when it’s convenient. If your Committed, you’ll be talking about all of the time and you’ll have TRP in your business. The Retention People software is an integral part of measuring and managing member retention proactively. If you’re serious about making a difference to people’s lives and serious about keeping people active then you can only demonstrate that seriousness by using software. You might say a good game, but unless you’re using the software, to me they are just ‘meaningless’ words
Stuart Martin, Active Nation
Great product for measuring retention and managing fitness teams
Karen Burrell, Freedom Leisure
TRP have a proven product that is effective, FACT! Not only this but their customer service and support is second to none with up to date and real time feedback. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TRP to any other gym owner.
It gives the Fitness Team a focus during their ‘floor walking’ time and allows managers to easily and effectively monitor and coach performance.
James Davis, TMActive